This time Allen builds a Toddler High Chair from 2×4’s and a 2×6. This build took a lot of inginuity from Allen. Now they can get rid of their old high chair. The little guy [More]
A highchair that can be adjusted to seat a toddler or an adult. No need to discard when your child grows up! Have your child join you during meals and have fun together as a [More]
Please request videos -Camera:Iphone5s -Music: Subscribe for More Awesome Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Girls Names: -Myyangel Janae -Malaysia Janae -Madison Maire -Violet Mae -Emma Grace Get me to 5,000 subscribers!!!!!!!!!! -Beginner Reborn Artist -Theme:Emojis -Age:13 I [More]
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Building the high chair for the reborn toddler baby doll. Why is building any baby item always a challenge? This is an awesome perfect high chair for the reborn toddler doll. Make sure to attend [More]
This toddler was impressed with herself after climbing up onto a plastic chair without any help. Unfortunately, after turning around to sit, she slid through a large hole underneath the armrest and plopped onto the [More]
This three-year-old girl decided to pull a prank on her elder brother. He dragged a chair in front of the television and was about to sit on it when she removed it from behind causing [More]