DIY Tribal Bohemian High Chair Banner and sign with Dream catcher backdrop. Made on Cricut design space and put together with large sticky dots for 3d. The tulle is Glitter pink, blue and gold bought [More]
Hi my name is Martha Jim and I live in Southern California. I’m a stay at home mom, my son is 1 year old, and I’m a Beauty Guide with Limelight by Alcone. Please message [More]
These are the supplies I used to make Abby’s monthly banner, from newborn to one, for her party. Besides the items in the video I also used scissors, a glue gun, and glue sticks.
Hey everyone here are some quick pink and gold glitter birthday day Pratt decor pieces I made. Thanks for watching. My links, Youtube Instagram Pinterest Etsy
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Typical pea-brained public schoolteachers demonstrate their lack of common sense and decency. Not to mention, behaving like adolescent, attention-whores. The real issue is the demonstrable lack of class by two young overpaid “teachers” who are [More]
DIY tutu tutorial. Tulle and waist band material to make a tutus are available at
Snowflake decorations snowflake on google host a winter wonderland theme party to celebrate the season. Shop for winter wonderland decorations hanging snowflake decorations, cascading snowflake products of shop snowflake winter wonderland themed party supplies at [More]