Protect your hardwood floors from your Windsor chairs using Supersedes from Waxman Industries available at Lowes
The new Crystal PaneĀ® Chair Mat ergonomic design minimizes physical effort and discomfort while maximizing workspace efficiency. Crystal PaneĀ® chair mats require 78% less effort to roll than not having a chair mat.
Glides for carpet - Glides for tiled floors – Glides for wood/laminate floors – Available for Carpets, Tiles and Wood or Laminate Floors. These easy to use QuickClick glides are interchangeable so once [More]
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Hardwood Floor Protectors The floor protectors for chairs can protect your hardwood floors from scratches and damages, no need to worry your floors when your lovely kids dragging the chairs around your house! High Elasticity [More] Slip-On Floor Savers protect your floor surface from damage. The tough Floor Saver consists of a vinyl sleeve with a reinforced rounded felt bottom. Simply slide the Slip-On Floor Savers over chair or table [More]
Kid’s Chair leg Cover CP12, made of high flexible EVA foam. Specialize in cover chair legs to lessen the impact of foot stepping accidents, good effect on preventing babies/adults from injuries or avoiding damage to [More]