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BEST FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY !! BABY GIRL PARTY | TROLLS THEME | VLOG Hi, lovelies! Ahhh we have a one-year-old baby girl!!! I really hope you enjoy watching us celebrate at Sienna’s first birthday party. [More]
In today’s vlog I start shopping for Scarlett’s FIRST Birthday! Omg I can’t believe it has already been a year! I will be vlogging all of her birthday so subscriber if you haven’t already to [More]
What it do TBF Mafia i am excited it is my babies birthday its his birthday party his birthday was actually a couple days ago but were going to celebrate todayso i got all this [More]
Today we went shopping and I purchased some items for Eloise’s first birthday! I’m sad but excited. I also bought some cute clothes and shared a mini haul. And Eloise and I had a little [More]
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