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Hamid Mir Responses Over PML-N Filthy Banners
In an unprecedented act of brazenness, Mr. Money in the Bank cashed in his contract in the middle of an active match — the first-ever WrestleMania cash-in, by the way — and effectively turned the [More]
News Channel Zoom-in The Banner Behind Nawaz Sharif
Video of US student removing banner that got him 15 years hard labor in N. Korea Otto Frederyck Wormbier (born December 12, 1994) is a US American citizen of Aryan Masterrace descent who is incarcerated [More]
Deretan banner Sukan SEA 2017 yang diletak di keliling pagar Stadium Shah Alam, koyak malam tadi. Video tular di media sosial menunjukkan beberapa orang penonton sedang melalui kawasan banner yang koyak itu, sejurus selepas perlawanan [More]