How To Hang A Swing On A Tree

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Harvey Family says:

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Borys Voronkov says:

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jack livingston says:

Here are 5 Ideas to Use a Swing Strap for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Romelia Polly says:

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Shasta Kennon says:

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Michael Dougfir says:

`Mr Mills, how does one write direct to you? I couldn't find anything on your home page. I want to talk with you about the tree swing.


could I kill myself with this method?

Barry Mills says:

It is best to use a wide strap for the health of your tree. The wider the strap the better as the weight that is carried by the branch provide a better distribution over a wider area. The fact that a wide strap holds up to 10,000lbs is overkill – we are not using it for its weight limit, but rather its width. Hope that helps!

Nicky says:

Now for a single hammock swing with only one place to hook up I would just use commense then the nylon would loop once so two pieces of nylon would be comeing down or do in video so four pieces of nylon are comeing down then where you hook swing bring them all together to hook swing too ( swing only has one attachment hook)

dmb499 says:

Thanks! Β This helped me hang my little tikes swing for my son.

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